A Demonstration Glossary


Features marked as beta are ready to be used, but might have some rough edges. We release features as beta to allow people to try out them out as they are being built, with the hope that we get feedback to help guide our feature development. We'd love to hear your thoughts at hello@jargonaut.net


Aka: meaning, description

A definition is attached to a term, describing the meaning of the term. A good definition is short and clarifies how your team might use the term in a different manner to people outside of your team


See: team


See: definition


See: glossary


See: foo


Aka: qux, droo

It's the `bar` in the `baz`.


Aka: dictionary

A collection of terms and their definitions


See: term


Jargonaut is a tool created with the specific purpose of creating custom glossaries to help team on-boarding and clarity of communication.


See: term


See: Omni


Aka: Omnibnk, Neobanco

Nuestra empresa


See: Omni


See: team

slack slash command

See: slash command

slash command

Aka: slack slash command

Jargonaut integrates with Slack by providing a "slash command" that your team mates can use to request the definition of a term from their glossary. Within Slack type "/define" or "/define_to_channel" followed by a term (or part of a term) and Jargonaut will post the term definition to the channel.

suggestion engine

Jargonaut’s suggestion engine generates suggestions for terms from content supplied by your team members. This automatically happens from entered term definitions. You can also paste source content directly into Jargonaut. Suggestions can shortlisted or rejected, and then create terms from your shortlist at a later date. In the future Jargonaut will interact with people in Slack to ask them to help define terms from your shortlist of term candidates.


A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. When creating a new term in Jargonaut you can add synonyms for the term so that your team mates can see that the terms have the same meaning.


Aka: department, organization

A team is a group of people working with a common goal. Team mates are the best people to help write a glossary. In the future Jargonaut will prompt team members to define shortlisted term suggestions generated by our suggestion engine.


An acronym is a word or name formed from the initial components of a longer name or phrase, usually using individual initial letters, as in NATO or EU, but sometimes using syllables, as in Benelux, or a mixture of the two, as in radar. Acronyms are great candidates for recording as terms in your team dictionary as they are often thrown around in conversation at work with the understanding that everyone actually knows the acronym.


Aka: jargon, lingo

A word/jargon that has a specific meaning within your organization. Good candidates are words that are not commonly used, acronyms, or words that have specific meaning beyond the commonly understood definitions.

term suggestion

Aka: suggestion

Jargonaut's suggestion engine (beta) will analyze content from your team to suggest new term candidates.

Pro tip: our importer helps you upload your terms in bulk: Go...